Benefits of a Full Line Customer with Bovine Supply Line

Become a Full Line Customer to includes the following services:

  • A monthly pulsation checkup and cleaning sentinel filters
  • Wash-up analysis with additional evaluations on an as needed basis
  • A monthly Bulk Tank evaluation including SCC, SPC, PI, LPC and more
  • Chemical and Sanitation analysis
  • Biannual milker school
  • Inflation changes
  • Weekly deliveries
  • Milk Quality Lab
  • Equipment & Refrigeration
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Bovine Milk Lab Services

At Bovine, our committed Milk Laboratory Specialist and member of the National Mastitis Council, offers a full range of Bacteriology and Mycoplasma Lab Services:

Bacteriology Culturing of individual cow samples

Species typing of Bacteria

Mycoplasma Culturing for individual cow samples

Bulk Tank Sampling

Standard plate counts

Lab pasteurized counts

Coliform counts

Somatic cell counts

Mycoplasma culturing

When you add in our Bovine Supply Line Service Plan you have a professional team that can evaluate, troubleshoot, and assist you in managing your barn. Scroll down to see the benefits of becoming a Full Line Customer.

Milking System Analysis
Milking System Analysis

Bovine Supply Line’s field personnel have expertise in evaluating milking systems to spot any defects and make necessary repairs. Utilizing the advanced computerized diagnostic equipment, we can provide accurate milking reports to the dairy owner on the farm to make proper decisions regarding the changes to be made.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Recommendations

We take great pride in assisting with your ability to keep your milking systems and surroundings clean. Our field technicians are well-trained in recognizing and eliminating hygiene issues and giving appropriate suggestions. By sanitizing your systems regularly, this helps insure quality milk products.

Cleaning and Sanitation
Bilingual Milker Training
Bilingual Milker Training and Employee Support

To converse flawlessly with our Spanish-speaking customers, we have bilingual field staff, who can smoothly converse with our customers. On a request, our bilingual staff can also provide required training to milkers and communicate the significance of clean milking.

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