Milk Handling Equipment
Milking Unit and Milk Handling Equipment

The right set of milking equipment is essential to smoothly carry out dairy operations regularly without facing any trouble. Bovine Supply has a variety of milk handling equipment to perform dairy operations. Our line of equipment includes:

  • Milker Claws
  • Gaskets for Milking Systems
  • Pulsator Control Panels
  • Repair Kits
  • Sentinel Vacuum Regulators and Relief Valves.
  • P.C. Boards
  • CIP Jetter System
Inflations, Shells, Tubing, Gaskets

Bovine Supply has inflations available for purchase both in rubber and silicon with many patented designs. You may also purchase stainless steel shells, and plastic, rubber, or silicone milk tubes in all different sizes. Air tubing is available in rubber and plastic. Our other products include-

  • ProFlex Inflations
  • Vision Inflations
  • Short Milk Tubes
  • Gaskets for Milking Systems
  • Milk Tubing
  • Air Tubing
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